28 August 2019

The restoration work on the vault of the Church of San Giacomo in Pizzale, Not far from Pavia, has been concluded.

The works, carried out to restore the vaults decorated with frescoes and stucco works by the painter Cesare Secchi to the ancient splendor, involved a general cleaning of all the surfaces and the recovery of some faux marble decorations which were actually hidden. The stuccoes have been consolidated in depth, taken up in the incomplete and pictorially integrated parts.

The vault of the church is a riot of colors and images of saints, to be seen for the beauty of the images, painted at the beginning of the century by a skilful hand, some with liberty and modernist style influences.

If you have the chance to visit it, admire this little gem on Sundays. You will be amazed!

details of decoration found
the vault
Cleaning test on paintings
Particular of some frescoes